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19th-Aug-2011 08:27 am - New Again!!!!
first male, second female
I bought a 10 gallon aquarium, set it up to the standards that was given to me by the Petsmart employee...The water is right the temperature is not a problem, Petsmart is not a help in this.

My guppies, and it doesn't matter if its male or female, they die about after being in the aquarium for only a week. Most of the time I see the guppies having this more then pink gills but nothing other then that...can anyone shed some light on this? I have two new guppies and the female has these pinkish gills already!

Thank You
17th-May-2008 12:50 am(no subject)
Justin and his pixels..............
My guppies are dying off in droves.They were in a community tank,and i would find them pecked to bits each morning.It started with like one every two days .
I noticed nothing else amiss.
I assumed someone was attacking them,and then everyone was scavaging on the carcasses .

Then I just started to notice weird white patches on them ,with some of the scales raised.
Then some in late stages looked like ulcers or hemmoragic ..

It affected no other fish in the tank either ,save the guppies.

I removed them all, and put maracyn one and two in with some salts ....but they keep dying.
I am so depressed .I had some of them ost beautiful sri lankan colors ..and babies that had grown to early adulthood ,just sexing..
I mean ....
I looked it all up,and it can be one of 3 things.
I am at a loss .
23rd-Apr-2008 11:44 am - help?
I recently purchased a couple of java ferns for my established fish tank and within 12 hours, all of my guppies were dead. I ran the filter and did a partial water change, added Stress Coat, and bought more guppies, who again died within 12 hours.

On Yahoo Answers I was assured that the java ferns could not have caused this, and that I should have my water tested as something toxic may have gotten in there. I was wondering if I should buy a master freshwater test kit or if I should be more concerned right now about testing for ammonia? The cory in the tank lived through everything. I am considering just emptying the tank, thoroughly cleaning everything in it and starting over with sterile water.
4th-Apr-2008 10:36 am - Help Diagnosing?
Background information: I've had guppies for about a month now, and have been keeping an eye on ammonia, pH, etc. with test strips every other day and a test tube test kit approx. once a week. I have a RO unit, but the local water is still in the higher GH/KH ranges. I've gotten the pH down to the 7.0-8.0 range, and feed them a rotating diet of Top Fin Guppy Food, Tetramin Pro, and the occasional bloodworm treat. The temperature is 78. They all came from the same location along with two Platys.

Issue: One of the guppies (assumedly male - the anal fin isn't fanned as far as I can tell, and he came from what was labeled as an all male tank) is getting a little round in the abdomen area. I've checked around online to see if he matched any diseases, but his scales aren't sticking out, and he doesn't rest on or scratch against the bottom of the tank.

I took a photo, hopefully clear enough:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Both the same image, one just more zoomed than the other.

Any help you can give on what might be going on would be very helpful. :) If more information is needed, I'm happy to give it. Thanks!
4th-Apr-2008 12:36 pm - Wooooooo!
I've been watching like a hawk, giving my females a close look every time I feed them. Last night, one looked like she was about to burst. So, into the breeding trap for an overnight, since she seemed to be a bit sluggish and as though her swimming were a bit off because her belly was so HUGE.

This morning, I wake up, go in to feed the fish and check on her before I've even had a cup of coffee... Turn the tank light on, and I'm met by a school of tiny eye! Babies!!!!! YAY!

I let her out, tipping it a bit so that she could swim back out with the others, and VERY carefully remove the divider so there's more room. Then, I look at the bottom to see how many didn't make it...

There's two eggs, with eyes, that I'm guessing just didn't mature in time. One egg shell? Looks like the baby has gotten free, but not before being pushed out. And somewhere between 1 and 3 that looked fine, but just aren't moving... I'm going to give it a couple hours, and then get tweezers or something to get those out.

I also have no idea if this bunch are from my male, or whatever random males she was kept with at the pet store. I'll have a better idea once they're a bit older. Right now, I'm just excited at having new fry.
11th-Nov-2007 03:50 am - My Guppys Fin Is A Tattered
hi all, well i am a new guppy lover, i have got a new tank and 5 electric blue guppys, all males i do beleive, and one of them is always staying at the bottom of the tank away from all the other fish, his tail is all tattered and i now he wasn't like that when i bought him, so anyone got any ideas i am worried about the little fella.

i don't want him to die or anything.

should i put him in a bowl on his own for a while or something?

any ideas

i called the pet store and they said it could be the other males are fighting but i sat in front of the tank for about 6 hours and nothing, i feed them once everyday, so i don't see why they would be attacking him,

please any ideas?
12th-Jul-2007 01:22 am - re: Sick Fish Question
My female guppy has miraculously recovered from dropsy (or something that at least looked like dropsy- she had puffed out scales and massive bloating) and has dropped 11 healthy fry, 1 dead.

When would it be safe to put her back in the community tank? And how long should I wait before I can also add her fry? She appears healthy, though her color is slightly off. This might, however, be due to the slightly increased salinity of the water I treated her in.

The sites I went to all said that dropsy was not terribly contagious. I just don't want to put her back in if she poses any danger.

Thanks in advance!
6th-Mar-2007 07:21 pm - New To Guppy Fry
Justin and his pixels..............
I am a whiz with bettasand betta fry .
I am trying to now keep a guppy tank to amuse myself .
I assumed at some point they would have fry,and they would eat what betta fry eat ,being they should be easier to raise given thel ive birth an so forth.
Yeah i am a n00b ...
I didnt think they would eat their own.
I started with 15 that i saw, and counted .
not sure if i lost more,and they were black ones ,and the gold boys suddenly..GULP.
The black ones left them alone and the gold ones were eating them .
Fished them out.
I hve 11 left .Gave them some brine hatchings,but only 2-3 of them will eat them .
What else will they eat ?
Anyone here have some good tips to keep them all happy until they get a bit bigger ?

As i dont want to lose anymore of them .
*goes to google it*
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